IberAnime OPO 2017

Hi everyone!!

Here is a new episode of Nunumi around the world 2017! This is also the last one XD

For those who didn’t know, I was guest at IberAnime OPO 2017, an event similar to Otakuthon, but in Porto, Portugal.

So, less than a week after coming back from Japan, still jet lagged, I left Montreal once again and I spent 3 crazy days in Porto. It was brief but intense.

I only had a very short time to visit the city (about 5 hours, I timed myself). It was gorgeous. I wish it was longer!!! Here are some of the beautiful things I saw.

Then, the crazy stuff started: presentations, workshops, interviews, meet and greets. I felt like a star. And it feels so unreal even now as I try to recollect my memories. Was it all a dream??

I guess not:

This trip really messed up with my languages. I was speaking English because that is the second languages everyone knows best in Portugal, but I could understand a bit of Portuguese because of all the similarities with French! Then, because IberAnime is about Japanese pop culture, lots of Japanese was also heard. I even provided basic Japanese translation for Neeko, who was also guest at the event.

At the end, I couldn’t figure out which language I was speaking or hearing anymore. I hope I didn’t mix them up too much.

I tried VR for the first time!! (no picture for that)

I had a nice chat with the people of the Portuguese manga collective of Jankenpon. Everyone, go check them out, they are so talented and dedicated artists!

Here is one of my delicious fish supper. Yes, in a boat.



This is me with guest Mashiro Ayano. She was so kind as to give me her signed album!!!! I didn’t know her music before that, but she now has a new fan in Canada.





I didn’t take many pictures of the event because I was too busy and nervous, but here is a video I stole from the event website:

If you watch from here, you can see bits of me!!

It was such an amazing and intense experience. I learned so much about so many things, including about myself. Thank you to everyone I met there. I had a great time, specially thanks to you!!

Me and Rita!!!

Thanks Antonio for inviting me!!
Thanks Ricardo for making sure I was at the right place at the right moment.
Thanks Antonio for driving me around safely and for the nice Porto tour!!
Thanks Ricardo for accompanying me on stage and for the interesting interview.

And big big big special thanks to Rita who was my “minion” all along this week-end. She made sure I was safe, on cue, fed, not lost and well alive. And bonus, I had such a great time chatting with her.



I hope we can meet again everyone!! I had so much fun!! Take care!!!!