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Guilty of procrastination

I have found myself procrastinating a bit too much for my liking recently. I’ve been playing FFXIV since not too long ago and it’s eating my time away efficiently. I must admit year 2015 was very exhausting for me. Lots of great new experiences and lots of drawing (that comic I keep talking about I will show you eventually). And I have this new job as story artist that is, at the same time, one of the best thing that happened in my career and the biggest energy syphon since my school days. Which is great! I learn so much stuff thanks to my awesome co-workers! But my energy level at the end of the day is comparable to a mollusk. So I crash in that FFXIV like there is no tomorrow.

All that said, instead of procrastinating today, I made a quick drawing about my procrastination. Here’s a little portrait of my lovely Lalafell character. Her name is Leoni Teno. If you ever meet her out there, tell her to go back to her drawing table. She is the culprit!!!

Old blog migrating part 2

Web design still on going. Now the website looks more like something functional and I will soon hop on the design for the comic pages. This stage is a bit frustrating for me. I feel like it’s keeping me away from my real work. But it will all be worth it once it’s done. I can’t wait to start publishing my comics!!!!

Old blog migrating part 1

I’ve been in working on this website for a while now. Web design is definitively not one of my skills, but slowly, I think I am pulling something out. It should look like a website anytime soon. Meanwhile, I am salvaging a few pieces from my old blog I still like and post it here. Also serves as placeholder to see if I didn’t mess up with anything web wise. >__<