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Winter is coming…

September is coming, along with winter here in Canada XD Well, not for real but also not far. Seems like little Hazel is looking forward to it though.

News – August


Hi!! Nunumi here! So many things happened this summer I want to share with you.

Last week-end was Otakuthon in Montreal, the biggest anime convention in East Canada. I had the pleasure of having been invited to this great event and it was my first time as guest artist and panelist. I met so many great people and the experience was priceless.

I was so scared at first of giving a 60 minutes panel, but everyone was so kind and understanding, it became a very enriching experience.

Also, Sky Rover is in nomination for a Joe Shuster Award, in the Gene Day (self-publisher) category!!! Joe Shuster is one of the biggest Canadian awards for comics. The winner will be announced, right before I leave for Japan in September.

Talking about Japan, this is what I am preparing for big time at the moment. Many things to plan! I am trying to figure out some meetings, and also what to attend at the Japan Media Arts Festival which will be held from the 16th to the 28th of September.

I will be in Japan for a month, and hope to officially start my next comic project there too.

Perfect Queen WIP #3

Still another page and Sky Rover first story will be over. But in case you’d worry, this is not the end of me. As you know, I just started production and I am quite happy with how it’s looking so far. I am documenting my process in details over at my Patreon page, if you’d like to see more.

Perfect Queen’s webpage is not quite functional (and pretty) yet. Which means that once I finish publishing Sky Rover I am back to web design’s hell once again ;___; But it will be worth it. And I learned so much from building those other pages, so I guess it won’t be as hard!!

Here is a little WIP of one of Perfect Queen’s panels (yes, more flying stuff….)


Perfect Queen WIP #2

Sky Rover last pages have been finished for a little while now and I am so happy I started working on another comic again! I love to see those characters coming to live, how each of them move around, smile and think. Even though I try to plan as much as I want, I never really know how the final character will be.

Here is a little teaser image of the up-coming Chapter 0.

If you want more WIP, tutorials and article on about making comics, please visit my Patreon page!

Buddy Patrons Reward – Perfect Queen WIP #1

I am glad to announce I officially started production of my next project!! YAY! I am so happy! These moments are always exciting because, even though you have a good idea of what you want, you kind of never really know how your projects will look like until they are on paper. Since it’s never like what’s in my head, it’s always some kind of surprise.

With this, I had some interesting material to show my Buddy Patrons this month.