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Sky Rover Winner of Gene Day Award 2017!

I woke up this morning and it felt like Christmas! Sky Rover is this year winner of the Gene Day Award for Canadian self-published comic books. I am so grateful for this recognition of my work. This was quite unhoped for.

I want to thank the Joe Shuster Awards organisers and juries for their time and dedication.

Congratulations all the winners of the other categories and nominees!!! It’s crazy to see how much great comics are made here in Canada.

Everyone, congratulations!!!



The 2017 Joe Shuster Award Winners

Sky Rover chosen as Jury Selection for the 20th Japan Media Arts Festival

I have the immense pleasure to announce Sky Rover was chosen among the Jury Selection in the Manga category of the Japan Media Arts Festival. It was an extraordinary joy for me to be among the nominees, and an even greater one to be part of the selected works.

Japan Media Arts Festival is an annual festival held by Japan’s Agency for Cultural Affairs since 1997. Awards are given in four categories: Art, Entertainment, Animation and Manga.

This selection holds a lot of meaning for me, as many of my artist heros either got awarded or selected in this festival through the years.

This honor will forever strenghen my resolve to become a better, stronger and more prolific comic artist.

I want to thank the members of the jury for carefuly distilling the enormous amount of work submited again this year. They also wrote detailed critiques of their overall appreciation of the year’s submissions. From this unique vintage point, they generously share their insight with us. I strongly recommand reading those critiques to anyone interested in the current state of Animation, Manga, Entertainment and Art in general.

I want to congratulate every award winners and also all the other Jury Selection this year.

With this renewed resolve, I now go back to my drawing table!

See you soon!

More info here.

Sky Rover Book

Great news! I will be printing Sky Rover first story in printed format soon!! It will be available for sale at Quebec City Comiccon in two weeks! The folks who will get their copies there will have access to the ending before the web version!

The book will be available for purchase via online store later this fall.

This also means Sky Rover’s first story is close to an end. But don’t worry, more to come!!

Webcomic is like a pet critter…

…you have to take care of it, nurture it, feed it. I’ve been publishing Sky Rover for almost two months and that is what I learned. It’s not a bad thing! Not at all. It’s quite interesting and very rewarding, but beware. It’s like having a second job or a pet. And this pet requires you to learn many new non-artistic skills in order for him to stay alive. Skills such as:

  • Web design
  • Self promotion (Yes! This is definitely a skill. Some people are way better at it than others)
  • Web advertisement
  • Book design and book printing (ISBN you said?)
  • Twitter etiquette (honestly, for years, I didn’t know what was the fuss about that #)

Even though I just started publishing my pages, this adventure started more than a year ago. It’s been a big year of learning.

Any of you here also have a webcomic? What is the skill that was found to be most useful? Let’s talk!

Sky Rover page 19

Sky Rover Comic

In a few weeks from now, I will start posting my bi-weekly first online comic. I’ve been working on that story for a long while. For too long. But I am glad this is moving forward and I will be ready to share it with you. As you might have noticed, the “Latest page” button is but a place holder. No comic yet!!! It will only start in January, as soon as I got a hold with the comic website set up, WHICH IS VERY HARD!!!! ;___; Gosh I can’t wait to be through all of that and go back to actual drawing.