• zigurana

    Is there any more info on ordering this book?

    • Dear Zirgurana, thank you for taking the time to inquiry about this! The book is already available in conventions, but will be available online very soon! In fact, in a few days, as I am finishing setting up an online store. I will send you a reply here once it’s all functional.

      • zigurana

        That’s great! I would love to give my 5yo girl this as a birthday present!
        (That’s another benefit of a sweet story without text, no language barrier to overcome!)

        Greetings from the Netherlands!

        • Netherlands! That’s is awesome! Is it as cold as here in Montreal right now??
          I think it will be a perfect read for your 5 years old girl. My youngest reader was in fact 3!
          Here is the link of the brand new set up shop: https://gumroad.com/l/KQBwY#
          Thanks again!